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  • Old City Cemetery

    Nestled in the shadow of the expressway ramps that connect to Mathews Bridge is one of Jacksonville’s oldest and most complicated history museums. The rows of hand-carved headstones and overgrown fences tell a story that lies six feet below the surface. The graves of Confederate soldiers are just feet from those of prominent African American […]

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  • The Murder of Joseph DiMare

    By James Donlon It was 3 a.m. on a cold winter night in Bradenton. Richard DiMare and his two brothers were fast asleep at their father’s farm. In  the 1950s winter farming meant lighting kerosene lamps and placing them between rows of tomato plants to ward off the frost. DiMare remembers his father waking them […]

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  • The EVAC Movement

    By James Donlon   Last November, Amy Donofrio was on the stage of the Florida Theatre for the TEDx convention. At her sides were eight of her high-school students. She tells the audience she’s going to share her class’s data.   One by one she lists off prompts. “Please raise your hand if you’ve ever […]

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