About Me

At the ripe age of 8, I won first place in a local talent show for performing the “World’s Longest Burp” and I’ve been winning ever since.

I have a passion for stories and finding new and innovative ways to tell them. Whether it be film, online articles, radio interviews, podcasts or TV shows finding ways to entertain is something at which I excel. 

I am a current senior at the University of North Florida studying communication with a minor in creative writing.

Born a New-Yorker, I now live in Jacksonville, Fla. where I work as a content producer for my college radio station.

I’ve developed my skills in leadership and production as both an entertainment director and a station manager for my college media organization, The Spinnaker. By creating and producing six TV shows, moving our music radio station into the world of talk and news radio, and developing policies that serve our team, I learned how to lead from both in front of and behind the camera.

I’ve loved movies ever since I was a kid. Like a lot of other college kids, I’ve dipped my hand into the realm of independent filmmaking. My shorts have won awards, been showcased at film festivals, and even been sent to the Festival de Cannes in a student film presentation.

I host a morning talk show, The Early Bird, where I interview guests and discuss news and pop-culture from the week. I also run a news podcast where I investigate stories that are relevant to my audience and community.

I love content and finding ways to connect with my audience. Today, any time someone gives your idea the time of day, it means more than anything. With so many options, people’s time needs to be respected and appreciated. And I aim to do just that. 

I am a leader, an innovator, an artist and a great member of any team.