In Contrast to Hatred: UNF’s Gratitude Monday

Photos by James Donlon

UNF hosted an event opposite Monday’s protests called Gratitude Monday


The event was meant to promote a positive image for the UNF community
Though this event was not a protest, there was still a heavy police presence
The event took place Monday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Protesters arrived at the event after leaving Alumni Hall, but left shortly after.
The event featured giant “beer” pong, a ball pit, and a photo booth.
There were many crafts for students to work on- including DIY slime and painting
Students could even get their name painted in a decorative font as a decoration for their room.
Gratitude Monday also featured live DJing from Spinnaker Radio as well as booths from the LGBT Resource Center and The Wellness Center
Pizza, donuts, and coffee were served at no charge for the full length of the event.
Gratitude Monday offered a welcomed alternative to the protests and counter protests at Alumni Hall.

Photos by James Donlon

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