UNF Market Days

Every Wednesday the UNF Student Union is transformed from a inconspicuous walk way to a diverse and bustling market place. Students and residents from the local community are welcome to come and check out the sights and smells of local businesses. Businesses are encouraged to hand out free samples and use this unique opportunity to promote themselves to the college demographic.

“Anyone can come out,” says Daniela Mujica, one of the Market Day organizers. “We encourage the students to get involved and use this opportunity to promote themselves and their businesses.”

The SU Plaza during Market Day. Photo by James Donlon

UNF Market Day hosts a variety of different businesses from the Jacksonville community. One of the big aspects to Market Days is the free stuff. Moe’s is giving out free chips. Smoothie King invites attendees to try a new flavor. Every booth has some sort of merchandise guests can grab. Students can be seen walking away from the Student Union with arms full of free shirts, cups, and coupons.

The UNF community gets involved in Market Days as well. Spinnaker Radio can be seen DJing the event. LASO is giving free dance lessons. Clubs and organizations are invited to promote themselves and try to recruit new members.

Market Days also host a handful of craftsman selling necklaces and jewelry. Students can purchase handmade earrings or a new dress right from the Student Union plaza.

The atmosphere of Market Days is akin to that of a farmers market where local businesses and organizations can promote themselves and their brand. The UNF Student Union hosts a Market day every Wednesday of the Fall and Spring semester from 10 am to 2 pm.  For a local business, the price is $30 to get a booth at the Student Union but, on-campus clubs and organizations are invited to contact the Market Day organizers for more information.

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